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Daniel Simons

Greenpeace International Legal Unit
Senior Legal Counsel Strategic Defence
I'm a senior legal counsel at Greenpeace International, responsible for risks arising from campaigns (publications, investigations and protests).

In practice, much of my work resembles that of a lawyer working with a media outlet. I assist investigations and communications staff by helping them use access to information legislation; advising them on legal and ethical questions, such as use of leaked material, working with confidential sources and whistleblowers, complying with the GDPR, defamation law, intellectual property law and so on. I also handle legal disputes arising from these activities, and advocate for a good legislation and case-law on freedom of expression, association and assembly.

Apart from my work at Greenpeace, I serve on the boards of Arena for Journalism in Europe (the organiser of Dataharvest / EIJC) and of the Article 20 Network, which defends the right to freedom of assembly.

I have been a speaker at Dataharvest for several years running, often on access to environmental information. This year I will be speaking about bullying lawsuits (SLAPPs) and the Europe-wide campaign to stop them.

In previous years, I have learnt a lot at Dataharvest about the types of legal threats investigative journalists face around Europe and how they navigate them. This information is useful for my work in advising colleagues doing comparable work, and I hope to have the same experience this year.

I am a native of Amsterdam, but am currently based in Copenhagen.